Our fees

Registration Fee

A Registration Fee is payable when booking your place here at Curious Caterpillars. This is a non-refundable fee of £50.00 to cover administration costs.


Once a place has been offered, a deposit of either £150.00 for part-time or £300.00 for full-time will be charged along with the registration fee.  This deposit is held until written notice is served and only refunded once the account has been settled in full and your child has completed a minimum of 6 months from the start date with the nursery.  Please note that if any fees are more than 2 weeks in arrears without a prior agreement, then the nursery retain the right to exclude your child from nursery and retain the deposit.

Nursery Fees

  Birth – Two Years Two – Three Years Over Three Years
Full Day £55.00 £53.00 £50.50
Morning Session:
8am -1pm
n/a n/a £30.00
Afternoon Session:
1pm – 6pm
n/a n/a £30.00
Early Start:
7.30am- 8.00am
£6.00 £6.00 £6.00
Full Day Flexi £62.00 £60.00 £60.00
Half Day Flexi £34.00 £34.00 £34.00

Fees are payable monthly in advance, on or before the 1st of each month. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.  Overdue fees are subject to an interest charge and additional administration fees.

The chart below sets out the monthly payments, based on a 50 week year calculation, [giving a 2 week per year deduction for nursery closures].

The AM or PM session rate needs to be multiplied by the amount of sessions required.

Any absence due to illness or holiday is still chargeable at the full amount. You must inform the Nursery Manager of all absences, where possible in advance.

Monthly Rates Birth – Two Years Two – Three Years  Over Three Years
1 Full Day £229.16 £220.83 £210.41
2 Full Days £458.33 £441.66 £420.83
3 Full Days £687.50 £662.50 £631.25
4 Full Days £916.66 £883.33 £841.66
Fulltime Rate £1031.25 £993.75 £946.88
1 AM or PM Session                                         N/A £125.00
Flexible Sessions
Full Day £62.00
Half Day                                         N/A £34.00
Early Start £6.00
Other Charges
Set Late Charge £15.00
Per 15 Mins after initial charge £5.00

Please note we only offer full days in the Baby and Toddler units due to small children’s routines and limited availability. 


When siblings attend Curious Caterpillars, a reduction of 10% is made to the cheapest Childs fees (usually the eldest). This is not applicable to flexible sessions. A discount of 10% has already been applied to the full-time rate.  The Nursery Education Grant is also deducted from your fees the term after your Child’s third birthday in accordance with the local councils rates, terms and conditions.

Nursery closures

The nursery is closed for all Public Bank Holidays and at Christmas (see closure dates) Fees are charged at the normal monthly rates as per the fee chart without deduction, payable monthly in advance.


The nursery is open from 8.00am -6.00pm Monday to Friday with the exception of the Nursery closures listed above. For an additional charge, we can take a limited number of children from 7.30am. Your child is welcome to attend for a minimum of 3 half day sessions or 1 full day. Sessions cannot be swapped due to staffing and availability. AM sessions finish promptly at 1.00pm and latest pick up in the afternoon is 5.50pm, this then allows time for adequate feedback on your child’s day. Any lateness after 1.00pm and 6.00pm will result in a set late fee (please see chart). Additional charges are made for every additional 15 minutes going over the set pick up times.

Flexible sessions

Children that are already in regular attendance can have additional days added onto their normal sessions as and when required, subject to availability. A flexi booking form will be issued if the space is available and once this has been signed and returned with the payment the booking can be made. The money is non refundable if the child does not use this additional session as staff cover would have been arranged.