Baby room

Our baby unit welcomes babies aged from 3 months up until the age of two. We make every effort to ensure individual routines and requirements are followed; this is supported during our settling in process where we offer a home visit and two 2-hour settling in sessions for your child.

The baby unit is led by Phoebe Blake, who along with holding her level three qualification has been with the team for the past year and is experienced in providing a warm, welcoming environment where your child can feel loved, safe and secure. Your baby is provided with the enabling environment for within which they can begin to explore and develop their own personalities and preferences. We maintain strict ratios of adult to babies at all times, with a minimum of one member of staff to three babies.

Partnerships with parents is of the upmost importance to us; the information you provide is used to inform our planning and ensures your child’s routine is consistent with that at home. The baby room has an open plan play area and a separate messy play area. For large parts of the day the babies free flow from room to room to allow them freedom of choice between toys and messy play activities. The babies also have daily access to their purpose built garden, which they will visit at least twice a day unless exceptionally bad weather.

We provide a healthy menu to all our children, which is cooked on site each day. For our younger babies, aged under one years of age pureed meat, vegetables and fruit will be given from each individual’s weaning list. The babies eat their main meals together with these times being encouraged as a social and enjoyable experience.

Parents are required to supply breast milk or formula milk for feeds, as well as nappies/pull-ups, wipes, cotton wool and barrier creams.