Toddler room

Children join our Toddler room aged 24 months and stay in here until they turn three. Our Toddler room is lead by Sophie Pugh.

Our main aim for children for children within this age group is learning through play. Children have unlimited access to sand and water play and enjoy a variety of messy play activities on a daily basis. The Toddler room is a very ‘hands on’ room with a selection on activities readily available for the children to participate as and when they wish. We now offer a free-flow routine to our new garden area. This encourages more fresh air, outdoor play and opportunities for the children to learn.

Our Toddler room splits into two groups for the majority of the day; this allows the children more access to the play opportunities within a smaller group.

The toddlers visit their outdoor area (in the main garden) twice a day, regardless of the weather so we ask that suitable clothing is provided e.g a waterproof coat, wellies along with spare clothes. They now have an undercover outdoor space attached to their room which they can free-flow from the main room to the outside space as they wish.

Lunch is served at 11.45am and after this time the toddlers have the opportunity to have a sleep on our sleep mats with their own individual bedding. Children who do not have a sleep continue with their activities.